Christmas Craft Ideas for Toddlers


It’s time to get crafty for christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a great time of year to do some arts and crafts with your family. Dealing with toddlers? No worries, there are still great ways you can get them interested in the world of art.

Encourage their creativity

Remember you want to encourage their creativity, keep them busy, and don’t fret over the mess. Just have fun celebrating the season with your little one. What’s even better about Christmas crafts is they make great gifts. Below are a few ideas you and your toddler can try out and share with others in the family.

Construction Paper Christmas Cards

You can’t go wrong with Christmas cards. Whether your kid knows how to spell or not, you can let them get messy in creating holiday greeting cards for the family. All you need is some construction paper, glue, and some scissors. Fold the construction paper in half, cut out some shapes (triangles for trees, circles for snowmen, etc.) and allow your kids to have fun. When they’re done, have them put a family member’s name on them to give it out on Christmas day.

Marshmallow Snowman

Talk about crafts and snacks, the marshmallow snowman is a great toddler project and can also be a lot of fun to eat. All you need is some construction paper, glue, and a bag of marshmallows. Help your toddler draw a snowman in the center of their paper. Then using the glue and marshmallows, let them glue them onto the snowman tracing. This makes the snowman look 3D! Hang your snowmen up in the windows so the kids can see them as you drive to and from your house each day.

Gingerbread Man

Now there are two ways you could go about this art project, and it really just depends on how messy you want the kids to get and what type of budget you’re working with. Gingerbread men are classic holiday staples and make even better holiday crafts and treat. You can opt to bake your own gingerbread men and let the kids decorate them with frosting and candy, or you can purchase brown construction paper, cut out the shape of a gingerbread man and let the kids decorate with plastic eyeballs, cotton balls, and whatever else brings their project to life.

Tissue Paper Wreaths

Another holiday classic that your toddlers will enjoy is creating a wreath. They can be hung around the house for decoration and will certainly put a smile on your little one’s face. All you need is some paper plates, glue, and colored tissue paper. Cut the center out of each paper plate. Then grab small pieces of tissue paper crumble, it up and glue it to the plate. Continue this process until the plate is covered in tissue paper. It gives off the appearance of flowers and makes a great decoration piece.

Hands down, these years are probably the most fun when it comes to creating art projects together. Your toddlers are at their exploration stage and will have a blast creating art with their hands.


Choose different textures, patterns, shapes, and sizes to turn their art time into a learning experience they won’t soon forget. They will enjoy touching the various textures and seeing the vibrant colors of the holidays. Remember don’t worry about the mess you’ll make, instead just have fun creating masterpieces together.

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